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Media Circus’ Siteswaps DVD is considered by many to be the most informative juggling film ever made.

The Magnum Opus of juggling patterns, a vast encyclopaedic collection of patterns, featuring literally thousands of 3 to 11 object patterns, with balls, rings, clubs, mangoes and coconuts, filmed in colourful locations across the globe over a 5 year period.

The film is nearly 12 hours long, 3 DVDs with almost four hours of content on each. As well as the juggling, the Siteswap DVD contains extensive interviews with the seminal figures in the history of siteswap notation, as well as archive footage of siteswap inspired performances.

Kaskade says: “Anyone who is fascinated by tricks that go beyond the three-object cascade – either to juggle them yourself or just to watch then – will love this DVD ”

Siteswaps features music from Daniel Weaver, Silicon Drum, Danny Ward and Denis Paumier.

This DVD is in NTSC format/Region Free and should play all modern DVD players and computers.


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