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Updates on Gandini Press

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We are Live!

Gandini Press is now Live. We have original posters from the archives and Media Circus – Siteswaps and Social Siteswaps in stock and ready to send.

Please send us an email and let us know your thoughts on the new site and anything you would like to see for sale here.

Gandini Press is coming…

Welcome to the new home of Gandini Press – soon to bring you all things Juggling in published form.

“Siteswaps” and “Social Siteswaps” DVD’s from Media Circus will soon be available here alongside a host of new Gandini related print material including the eagerly awaited New Book, Postcard sets and Posters from the archives. Please check back here soon or add your email on the contact page to subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you updated on our progress.